Circulars 2016



Circular No.DateSubject
32/201624.12.2016Declaration of personal cash in private cash declaration register
31/201623.12.2016Instructions regarding Green Tax and Form G
30/201615.12.2016Instructions regarding One Time Tax Settlement scheme
28/201609.11.2016Amendments in Kerala Finance Act 2016
27/201613.10.2016Handling of court cases - instructions
26/201619.09.2016Safety of children in vehicles parked in public places.
25/201605.08.2016Authorization to Ayurveda doctors to issue eye certificate
24/201604.07.2016Internal Audit Reports - Furnishing of action taken report - guidelines
22/201618.07.2016Instructions regarding Finance Bill 2016
21/201624.06.2016Registration of specially designed vehicles
20/201608.06.2016Cancellation and corrections in online data sheet - instructions
19/201627.05.2016Documents for Address Proof
18/201607.06.2016Implementing Smart Enforcement Application
17/201618.04.2016Renewal of expired driving licence
16/201605.05.2016Controlling of vehicle sub dealers
15/201628.04.2016Instructions to be followed while issuing proceedings for fund allotment.
14/201630.04.2016Fitment of speed limiting device
13/201623.04.2016Introduction of Computer Aided Learners License System (CALLS) for Badge test and Conductor Test
12/201619.04.2016Instructions to RTO/JRTO regarding Online Temporary Registration
11/201612.04.2016Exhibition of stickers on contract carriages
09/201630.03.2016Providing of helmets with new two wheeler vehicles
08/201630.03.2016Remittance of service charge to Treasury with effect from 01.04.2016
07/201622.03.2016Issuing of Certificate of Fitness for Government Vehicles.
06/201609.03.2016Duties and responsibilities of RTO (Enforcement) - Modified orders
05/201605.03.2016Unauthorised alteration of motor cycles.
04/201601.03.2016Duties and responsibilities of RTO (Enforcement)
03/201610.02.2016Changing the reservation range of numbers in SRTO Alathur
02/201619.01.2016Permission to affix sticker containing wordings "Senior Taxies" on transport vehicle.