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Sl. No.Activity  Fees (old)
(in Rupees)
Fees (New) (in Rupees)
1.Learner’s Licence for each class of vehicle– Issue of 30150
2.Learner’s Licence for each class of vehicle- Renewal 3050
3.Driving Licence – Issue in Form 6 ( Book form) 40--
4.Driving Licence – Issue in Form 7 ( Compu: Chip) 200200
5.Driving Licence – Fee for Test of competence for each class of vehicle 50300
6.Driving Licence – Fee for addition of another class of vehicle(Form 6) 30--
7.Driving Licence – Fee for addition of another class of vehicle (Form 7) Computerised chip 200200
8.Driving Licence – Renewal in Form 6- Book form 50--
9.Driving Licence – Renewal in Form 7- Comp: Chip 50200
10.Driving Licence – Renewal after expiry of validity Form 6) 30--
11.Driving Licence – Renewal after expiry of validity (Form 7) 50


Additional fees @ Rs 1000 for delay of each year or part thereof reckoned from date of expiry of grace period shall be levied

12.Driving Licence – Duplicate – Issue of 500500
13.Authorisation to drive a transport vehicle 5050
14.Driver’s Badge – Duplicate – Issue of 5050
15.Driving School – Licence issue or renewal 250010000
16.Driving School – Duplicate licence – Issue of 25005000
17.Driving School - Licence – Appeal against refusal to sanction 100500
18.International Driving Permit 5001000
19.Conductor’s Licence - Grant of 3030
20.Conductor’s Licence – Renewal 2525
21.Conductor’s Licence – Duplicate 200200
22.Conductor’s Badge 5050
23.Conductor’s Badge – Duplicate 5050
24.Endorsement or Renewal of authorization for vehicle carrying hazardous goods  100
25.Any application  for Change in Address or any other particulars recorded in Driving License  200
25.Grant and Renewal of Trade Certificate in respect of  
a) Motor Cycle50500
b) Invalid Carriage50500
c) Light Motor Vehicle2001000
d) Medium Passenger Vehicle2001000
e) Medium Goods Vehicle2001000
f) Heavy Passenger Vehicle2001000
g) Heavy Goods Vehicle2001000
 h) Any other Vehicle2001000 
26.Duplicate Trade Certificate 
a) Motor Cycle30300
b) Invalid Carriage30300
c) Other Vehicles mentioned “a” to “h” above100500
27.Appeal on refusal of grant/renewal/suspension/ cancellation of a Trade Certificate1001000 
29.Temporary Registration100100 
30.Registration of vehicles – issue/renewal/assignment  
a) Invalid Carriage2050
b) Motor Cycle60300
c) Light Motor Vehicle
i) Non-Transport200600
ii) Light Commercial Vehicle3001000
d) Medium Goods Vehicle4001000
e) Medium Passenger Vehicle4001000
f) Heavy Goods Vehicle6001500
g) Heavy Passenger Vehicle6001500
h) Imported Vehicle8005000
i) Imported Motor Cycle2002500
j) Any Other Vehicle3003000
31.Belated application for registration/assignment/ change of address/transfer of ownership  
a) Delay upto 3 months  
i) Transport Vehicles200 
ii) Non-transport Vehicles100 
b) Delay of 3 to 6 months  
i) Transport Vehicles300 
ii) Non-transport Vehicles200 
c) Delay of more than 6 months 
i) Transport Vehicles500 
ii) Non-transport Vehicles300 
32.Certificate of Registration – Issue of DuplicateHalf the fee for Regi-strationHalf the fee for Regi-stration 
33.Certificate of Registration – Change of Address20Half the fee for Regi-stration 
34.Certificate of Registration – Transfer of OwnershipHalf the fee for Regi-strationHalf the fee for Registra-tion 
35.Endorsement of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation Agreement   
a.Motor Cycle100500 
b.Three wheeler/Quadri cycle/ Light Motor Vehicle1001500 
c.Medium/Heavy vehicle1003000 
36.Cancellation of HPA/HPN100No separate fees will be levied for cancellation/lease etc or for issue of fresh certificate of registration thereafter 
37.Issue of Registration Certificate in the name of financier100  
38.Alteration in Registration Certificate50Half the fee for Regi-stration 
39.Conducting Test of Vehicle for Grant and renewal of Fitness Certificate  
Motor Cycle100

Manual - 200

Automated - 400

i) Autorickshaws100

Manual - 400

Automated - 600

ii) Light Motor Vehicle/Quadricycle200

Manual - 400

Automated - 600

iii) Medium Motor Vehicle/Heavy Motor Vehicle



Manual - 600

Automated - 1000

40.Grant or renewal of Certificate of Fitness100200 
41.Belated application for Fitness Certificate (fine levied for every calendar month or part thereof)  
i) Autorickshwas100Additional fees of Rs. 50 for each day of delay after expiry of certificate of fitness shall be levied
ii) Motor Cab150Additional fees of Rs. 50 for each day of delay after expiry of certificate of fitness shall be levied
iii) Other Vehicles200Additional fees of Rs. 50 for each day of delay after expiry of certificate of fitness shall be levied
42.Duplicate Fitness Certificate100  
43.Testing Stations – Grant or Renewal of Letter of Authority500015000 
44.Duplicate letter of Authority50007500 
45.Appeal under CMV Rule 704003000 
46.Temporary Permits  
a) Contract Carriage (13 – 20 seats)200 
b) Maxi Cab200 
c) Contract Carriage More than 20 seats500 
d) Goods Carriage250 
e) Stage Carriage250 
47.Regular/Pucca Permits - Grant/renewal/variation/ transfer  
a) Autorickshaw250 
b) Motor Cab500 
c) Maxi Cab2000 
d) Contract Carriage (13 – 20 seats)2500 
e) Contract Carriage (more than 20 seats)3000 
f) PSV Permits500 
g) Goods Carriage1000 
h) Stage Carriage5000 
i) All India Tourist Omni Bus Permit2500 
j) All India Tourist Taxi1500 
k) National Permit for Goods Carriage2500 
48.Duplicate Permit 200 
49.Extension of validity of permits of other states 1000 
50.Grant of special permits under Section 88(8) of Motor Vehicles Act 250